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Charcoal sketch on prepared board


Commencing the
foggy sky

Tree shape

Almost finished

"September Specters"
 ready to frame


Art is an expression unlike any other. Art lets the viewer past my skin and into my heart.  Art is not something I do, but is an expression of that which already exists within me even though I may not know at the time exactly what it means. We all have an inner voice waiting patiently to be heard. As an artist, that voice gets to be heard and seen by the viewers of my work and by me as it moves our emotions and plays upon our heartstrings. I have been brought to tears viewing an artistís painting and I have seen collectors of my work overcome in the same way.  What is it about a two dimensional piece of paper or canvas covered with pigment in a seemingly random way that causes these deep feelings within the human inner soul? What is it about a melody that keeps you humming or whistling it all day? Imagination from the heart of the artist or songwriter evokes this special feeling within the viewer or listener. Art, like music, connects and awakens that part of us which we already possess, the voice within our soul.  


How do I connect with viewers and collectors of my artistic creations?  I try to move them to identify with the subject matter, be it large as a mountain or as small as a rosebud by creating my own individual interpretation. As an artist I engage the viewer by re-interpretation of reality through manipulation and exaggeration of shape, value, color, line, texture and balance. Art is a springboard for imagination; it is an endless array of beautiful gifts is a powerful way of expressing a point of view.


Art survives the ages. Great fine art should become a legacy, passing from generation to generation. I can think of no finer legacy than to have family descendants in future generations on my family tree pass down my surviving works with other family treasures and heirlooms. Fine art has a genealogy as collections in every great museum will attest. Great art stands the test of time. It is my sincere hope that purchasers of my works will enjoy their purchases each day of their lives and will be able to pass them on to an appreciative member of the next generation. Every piece of art that I feel is worthy enough to leave my studio is intended for that very purpose. Every artwork put up for sale is the very best work I am capable of at that time, full of every bit of imagination and skill that I can give it. I use only the finest artistís materials available with the full knowledge and intent that the work may be on view for at least the next 200 years.


When I affix my name to my work, it is an endorsement giving the viewer permission to stand at the window to my soul and look in for as long as they desire.


Gary Baughman, SPS


Gary Baughman, Fine Artist



Department of Fine Arts, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, COScottsdale Art School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Private Study and Workshops: Tom Owen, NWS  Frank Webb, NWS, Gerald Bromer, NWS,   James Boren, CAA, Teri Ford, PSA,  Albert Handel, PSA,   Richard McKinley, PSA, Sally Strand, PSALiz Haywood-Sullivan PSA
Southeastern Pastel Society 2017 Members Exhibition, Honorable Mention 
Paulding Fine Arts Association Fall Exhibition 2017, BEST OF SHOW
Paulding Fine Arts Association Fall Exhibition 2016, Oil-First Place, Pastel-First Place 
World of Art National Juried Exhibition, 2016 Mableton, GA
Southeastern Pastel Society International Exhibition, 2016 Merit Award
Paulding Fine Arts Association Member Exhibition, 2015 Pastels, 1st, 2nd, Third 
Solo Exhibition, Courthouse Gallery, Dallas, GA 2015
Japan Pastel Society Exhibition, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan 2014
Art on the Green Juried Invitational Paintout, Cashiers, NC 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 Runner-up to Best of Show
Southeastern Pastel Society International Juried Show, Award of Excellence, 2012 
Artist Guild of NW Georgia Juried Exhibition, 2010, Pastel 2nd, 3rd                                  
Connecticut Pastel Society Renaissance in Pastel Juried Exhibition, 2010
Magnificent Seven Exhibition, Mable House Art Center, Mableton, GA 2010
Mid-America Pastel Society Int’l Exhibition, 2010, UArt Award, Pastel Journal Award
Connecticut Pastel Society National Juried Show  Board of Directors Award 2008
Metro Montage, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, 2007, 2009
Southeastern Pastel Society Member’s Exhibition, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
Connecticut Pastel Society National Juried Show, Board of Directors Award, 2006  
Oregon Pastel Society International Juried Exhibition 2006
Southeastern Pastel Society International Juried Exhibition, 2004 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016
Three Man Exhibition, Art Station, Kennesaw, GA 2006
Hilton Head Art Society National Juried Show, Honorable Mention, 2006
Alabama Pastel Society National Juried Show 2006
Southeastern Pastel Society Member’s Exhibition, Honorable Mention, 2005
Southeastern Pastel Society International Juried Show, Exceptional Merit Award, 2004
World of Art National Juried Exhibition, Third Place Award, Mable House GA, 2004
Marietta Chamber of Commerce “Concert in the Park” Official Poster Painting 2004
Kennesaw State University, Honorable Mention, Art of the Golden Generation, 2002
Southeastern Pastel Society Member’s Juried Exhibition, Award of Excellence, 1993


Oil Painting and Pastel Instructor, Paulding Fine Arts Association 2014-Present
Instructor, Oil, Pastel and Watercolor, Marietta Cobb Museum of Art 2009-2010
Instructor, Enrichment of Life Movement (ELM), 1999-2007, Drawing, Watercolor, Oils
Pastel Workshop Macon County, North Carolina Art Association   2011-2012, 2014


Southeastern Pastel Society, Member of ExcellencePast President 2012-2015
Paulding Fine Arts Association




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